Building Construction Quiz

Civil Engineering MCQ on Building Construction

Q.1 In case of Raymond pile
A. lengths vary from 6 m to 12 m
B. diameter of top of piles varies from 40 cm to 60 cm
C. diameter of pile at bottom varies from 20 cm to 28 cm
D. thickness of outer shell depends upon pile diameter
E. All the above.
Answer: Option E

Q.2 Queen closer may be placed
A. in header course
B. in stretcher course
C. in header course next to first brick
D. in stretcher course next to first brick
E. in any position.
Answer: Option C

Q.3 Dado is usually provided in
A. dinning halls
B. bath rooms
C. living rooms
D. verandah
E. roofs.
Answer: Option B

Q.4 The foundation in which a cantilever beam is provided to join two footings, is known as
A. strip footing
B. strap footing
C. combined footing
D. raft footing
E. none of these.
Answer: Option B

Q.5 The foundations are placed below ground level, to increase
A. strength
B. workability
C. stability of structure
D. all the above.
Answer: Option C

Q.6 Stud(s) of a common wooden partition
A. are vertical wooden members
B. is the upper horizontal wooden member
C. is the lower horizontal wooden member
D. are the intermediate horizontal wooden members.
Answer: Option A

Q.7 Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. inclined borings are made for taking samples under existing structures
B. inclined borings are occasionally used instead of vertical holes.
C. the spacing of inclined borings is kept such that one bore hole is vertically above the bottom of an adjacent bore hole.
D. all the above.
Answer: Option D

Q.8 To ensure that supporting area of an offset footing of a boundary wall is fully compressive, the C.G. of load must act
A. at the centre of the base
B. within the middle third of the base
C. within the middle fifth of the base
D. neither (a), (b) nor (c).
Answer: Option B

Q.9 The 9 cm x 9 cm side of a brick as seen in the wall face, is generally known as
A. stretcher
B. face
C. front
D. header
E. side.
Answer: Option D

Q.10 The taper of precast concrete pile should not be more than
A. 1 cm per metre length
B. 2 cm per metre length
C. 4 cm per metre length
D. 5 cm per metre length.
Answer: Option B

Q.11 The under surface of an arch, is called
A. soffit
B. intrados
C. haunch
D. back.
Answer: Option A

Q.12 The raft slab is projected beyond the outer walls of the structure by
A. 5 to 10 cm
B. 15 to 20 cm
C. 25 to 30 cm
D. 30 to 45 cm
E. 60 cm.
Answer: Option D

Q.13 The process of making the back ground rough, before plastering, is
A. dubbing
B. hacking
C. blistering
D. peeling.
Answer: Option B

Q.14 Black cotton soil is unsuitable for foundations because its
A. bearing capacity is low
B. permeability is uncertain
C. particles are cohesive
D. property to undergo a volumetric change due to variation of moisture content.
Answer: Option D