Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 10 July 2017

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1. Who was appointed as the head of the Indian consulate in New York?
a) Sandeep Chakravorty
b) Devendra Jhajharia
c) Geeta Malik
d) Riva Ganguly Das

2. Who was appointed as director-general of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI)?
a) Girraj Singh
b) Debi Prasad Dash
c) Nitin Veer Das
d) JJ Mohan Lal

3. Name the Indian-origin personality who proposed USD 6 billion cheaper plan for the development of Heathrow runway.
a) Sanjeev Gupta
b) Kishin RK
c) Surinder Arora
d) Sunil Gupta

4. Which state proposed to open Stray Dogs Zoos to keep them off the streets?
a) Odisha
b) Kerala
c) Delhi
d) Haryana

5. Name the Island of Japan that was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list in July 2017.
a) Kyushu Island
b) Okinawa Island
c) Okinoshima Island
d) Shikoku Island

6. By electrifying tiny droplets of fluids, scientists have created miniature versions of Saturn, complete with rings. Name the institute or university where these miniature versions of Saturn were created.
a) Northwestern University
b) University of Chicago
c) Loyola University Chicago
d) Stanford University

7. Name the high court that in July 2017 said that illegal encroachments or unauthorised construction cannot be allowed anywhere state, whether it is a temple, a mosque or a church.
a) Kolkata High Court
b) Allahabad High Court
c) High Court of Kerala
d) Delhi High Court

8. The government has increased import duty on sugar to what percent from existing 40 per cent, to restrict cheap inward shipments and maintain domestic prices.
a) 45 per cent
b) 50 per cent
c) 55 per cent
d) 57 per cent

9. Name the men-only Island of Japan where male visitors are supposed to take naked bath before visiting a shrine located on it.
a) Kyushu Island
b) Okinoshima Island
c) Okinawa Island
d) Shikoku Island

10. Name the renowned cartoonist who passed away on 11 July 2017.
a) Sudhir Tailang
b) RK Laxman
c) Mangesh Tendulkar
d) None of the above

11. Name the state that has constituted a panel to design state flag.
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Jammu and Kashmir
c) West Bengal
d) Karnataka

12. Name the actress of iconic Bollywood movie Anand who died recently.
a) Yogeeta Bali
b) Vimi
c) Nalini Jaywant
d) Sumita Sanyal

13. Which uniform was recently granted the Intellectual Property Rights by Trade Marks Registry of India?
a) Uniform of the RSS
b) Light pink salwar-kameez of Mayawati
c) Blue-bordered sari of Mother Teresa
d) Both (a) and (b)

14. What is the theme of the 2017 World Population Day?
a) Investing in teenage girls
b) Vulnerable Populations in Emergencies
c) Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations
d) Focus is on Adolescent Pregnancy

15. Who of the following was recently shortlisted for the World Soundtrack Award – Public Choice?
a) Ilayaraja
b) A.R. Rahman
c) Shantanu Moitra
d) Shankar Mahadevan
1. (a) Sandeep Chakravorty
2. (b) Debi Prasad Dash
3. (c) Surinder Arora
4. (b) Kerala
5. (c) Okinoshima Island
6. (a) Northwestern University
7. (d) Delhi High Court
8. (b) 50 per cent
9. (b) Okinoshima Island
10. (c) Mangesh Tendulkar
11. (d) Karnataka
12. (d) Sumita Sanyal
13. (c) Blue-bordered sari of Mother Teresa
14. (c) Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations
15. (b) A.R. Rahman