Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 17 August 2017

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1. As per the 4th Advance Estimate of production of major crops for 2016-17, total food grain production in the country is estimated at
a) 255.68 million tonnes
b) 375.68 million tonnes
c) 275.68 million tonnes
d) 229.68 million tonnes

2. Which of the following football clubs won the 2017 Spanish Super Cup?
a) Barcelona
b) Real Madrid
c) Athletic Bilbao
d) Sevilla

3. The Union Cabinet recently approved an MoU on Intellectual Property Rights with which of the following nations?
a) Sweden
b) Finland
c) Australia
d) The Netherlands

4. RBI in its notification said that farmers can avail short-term loans up to an amount at subsidised interest rate of 7 per cent that could go down to 4 per cent on prompt repayment. What is the amount on which subsidised interest rate of 7 per cent will be provided?
a) Rs 1 lakh
b) Rs 2 lakh
c) Rs 3 lakh
d) Rs 1 lakh

5. Which of the following Pakistan based terror outfits was recently declared as Foreign Terrorist Organisation by the United States?
a) Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
b) Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan
c) Jamaat-ud-Dawa
d) Hizbul Mujahideen

6. President Ram Nath Kovind and Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu have extended their greetings and good wishes to this community on the occasion of their New Year, Navroz.
a) Jain
b) Buddhist
c) Zoroastrians
d) Parsi

7. President Juan Manuel in August 2017 declared that the country’s 50-year conflict with the FARC ended, as the last truckloads of decommissioned weapons rolled away to be melted down. Juan Manuel is the President of this country.
a) Colombia
b) Bolivia
c) Ecuador
d) Paraguay

8. “Racism, xenophobia and islamophobia must be opposed by everyone”. Who has said these words?
a) Antonio Guterres
b) Nikki Haley
c) Narendra Modi
d) Barack Obama

9. Chilesaurus, the dinosaur that is reported to be the ‘missing link’ in dinosaur evolution was found in which country?
a) Brazil
b) Canada
c) South Africa
d) Chile

10. Energy efficient appliances such as LED bulbs, tubelights and fans are soon going to be sold at petrol pumps across India under which flagship scheme?

11. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved new procedure and mechanism to speed up strategic disinvestment. Following are some of the key points:
I. The CCEA has allowed setting up an alternative mechanism comprising Home Minister, Minister for Rural Development and Minister of Administrative Department.
II. The alternate mechanism would be given the charge of deciding on matters relating to terms and conditions of the sale from the stage of inviting of Express of Interests till inviting of financial bid.
III. CCEA will also empower the Core Group of Secretaries on Disinvestment (CGD) to take policy decisions with regard to procedural issues.
IV. The Core Group will also be allowed to consider deviations as necessary from time to time for effective implementation of decisions of CCEA.
Which among the above statements is correct?
a) Only I and II
b) All of the Above
c) II, III and IV
d) I, II and III

12. India’s first Partition Museum was opened recently in which city?
a) Amritsar
b) Jammu
c) Jaisalmer
d) Kolkata

13. Archaeologists have discovered three ancient tombs dating back around 2000 years in which country?
a) India
b) Egypt
c) China
d) Rome

14. Which company was not asked by the Union Government to remove Blue Whale game link?
a) Instagram
b) Google
c) Twitter
d) Facebook

15. Vijay Nambisan, who passed away recently, belonged to which field?
a) Sports
b) Law
c) Politics
d) Poetry

1. (c) 275.68 million tonnes
2. (b) Real Madrid
3. (a) Sweden
4. (c) Rs 3 lakh
5. (d) Hizbul Mujahideen
6. (d) Parsi
7. (a) Colombia
8. (a) Antonio Guterres
9. (d) Chile
10. (a) UJALA
11. (c) II, III and IV
12. (a) Amritsar
13. (b) Egypt
14. (c) Twitter
15. (d) Poetry

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