Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 18 August 2017

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1. Name the veteran photographer who was described as the Henry Cartier-Bresson of India by B&W Magazine of India. He died on 16 August 2017.
a) S Paul
b) K. Narayanachari
c) Pranlal Patel
d) None of the above

2. Who took charge as Executive Director of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)?
a) Mamta Suri
b) Ramesh Singh
c) C Ramakrishnan
d) PB Balaji

3. Who was appointed as the Secretary to Vice President of India M Venkaiah Naidu?
a) Gurdeep Singh
b) I V Subba Rao
c) N Yuvaraj
d) Ranjit Patil

4. The Union Cabinet gave its approval to complete which project in Jharkhand and Bihar?
a) Tawa Reservoir Project
b) Yeleru Reservoir Project
c) North Koel Reservoir Project
d) Hirakud Reservoir Project

5. Which city was declared as the world’s most liveable city by The Economist’s Global Liveability Report-2017?
a) Sydney
b) London
c) Perth
d) Melbourne

6. A new species of a 100-million- year-old damselfly was named in honour of Sir David Attenborough. Where was this damselfly discovered?
a) Vietnam
b) Myanmar
c) Cambodia
d) Sri Lanka

7. Vishal Sikka on 18 August 2017 resigned as Managing Director and CEO of a software company. Name the company.
a) Wipro
b) Mindtree
c) Infosys
d) HCL Technologies

8. He was appointed as the interim managing director and CEO of Infosys in August 2017.
a) DN Prahlad
b) UB Pravin Rao
c) Rajiv Bansal
d) Anirban Dey

9. What amount of Extra Budgetary Resource can be raised by NABARD during 2017-18 for completing a number of major and medium irrigation projects under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana (PMKSY)?
a) Rs 8970 crore
b) Rs 9020 crore
c) Rs 7000 crore
d) Rs 6500 crore

10. Nepal has signed three pacts to boost bilateral relations with which country?
a) India
b) Japan
c) China
d) US

11. Which country is the first and the only one as of now to take India and Bhutan’s side in the Doklam stand off against China?
a) The United States of America
b) United Kingdom
c) Germany
d) Japan

12. Which airline has grounded over 80 of its flights due to technical issues?
a) Air India
b) Spice Jet
c) Jet Airways
d) Indigo

13. The World Humanitarian Day is celebrated annually on which date?
a) 19 August
b) 17 August
c) 20 August
d) 16 August

14. Defence Ministry in August cleared a proposal to procure 6 Apache attack helicopters for Army. These helicopters will be procured at an expense of
a) Rs 3000 crore
b) Rs 3765 crore
c) Rs 4015 crore rupees
d) Rs 4168 crore

15. President Ram Nath Kovind has presented the National Safety Awards (Mines) for the years 2013 and 2014. The National Safety Awards (Mines) was established in
a) 1979-80
b) 1982-83
c) 1999-2000
d) 2011-12

1. (a) S Paul
2. (a) Mamta Suri
3. (b) I V Subba Rao
4. (c) North Koel Reservoir Project
5. (d) Melbourne
6. (b) Myanmar
7. (c) Infosys
8. (b) UB Pravin Rao
9. (a) Rs 9020 Cr
10. (c) China
11. (d) Japan
12. (d) Indigo
13. (a) 19 August
14. (d) Rs 4168 crore
15. (b) 1982-83

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