Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 19 August 2017

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1. Who among the following is not a part of recently constituted Steering Committee and Technical Committee for the International Film Festival of India -2017?
a) Prasoon Joshi
b) Nagesh Kukunoor
c) Shoojit Sarcar
d) Pahlaj Nihalani

2. Recently, a team of scientists discovered two new species of earthworms in which state?
a) Karnataka
b) Kerala
c) Maharashtra
d) Uttarakhand

3. Who was appointed as Russia’s Ambassador to India?
a) Caroline Wozniacki
b) Simona Halep
c) Madison Keys
d) Nikolay Kudashev

4. CCEA approved the proposal of DIPAM for strategic disinvestment. What does DIPAM stand for?
a) Department of Investment and Public Asset Management
b) Department of Investment and Public Asset Management
c) Department of Innovation and Property Asset Management
d) Department of Investment and Property Asset Management

 Who was appointed as President and Managing Director of General Motors (GM) India?
a) Sanjiv Gupta
b) Shankar Menon
c) Abhishek Iyer
d) Kartik Reddy

 Who took charge as Pakistan’s new High Commissioner to India recently?
a) Anees Akram
b) Shahid Ali
c) Syed Kadri
d) Sohail Mahmood

 Union Cabinet approved the Memorandum of Understanding in the field of Intellectual Property between India and which country?
a) Sweden
b) Spain
c) Portugal
d) Greece

8. Where was the first regional centre of New Development Bank (NDB) opened?
a) Johannesburg
b) New Delhi
c) Beijing
d) Sydney

9. Who won the Bulgaria Open International Series of Badminton 2017?
a) Vaibhav Gupta
b) Lakshya Sen
c) Arijit Sethi
d) HS Prannoy

The historical Manimahesh Yatra began in which state?
a) Uttarakhand
b) Rajasthan
c) Himachal Pradesh
d) Sikkim

11. The first tranche of American crude oil will arrive in September 2017 at which Indian port?
a) Vishakapatnam
b) Kandla
c) Paradip
d) Ennore

12. Name the first-ever Indian circumnavigation of the globe by an all-women crew.
a) Navika Sagar Parikrama
b) Mahila Sagar Parikrama
c) Tarini Sagar Parikrama
d) Shakti Sagar Parikrama

13. Name the campaign launched to create awareness and encourage people to participate in making this Diwali pollution free.
a) Harit Diwali Swachh Diwali
b) Harit Diwali Swasth Diwali
c) Swachh Diwali Harit Diwali
d) Swachh Diwali Swasth Diwali

14. Which mobile apps were launched by NHAI to facilitate the availability of FASTags for Electronic Toll Collection?
a) My Toll App and MyFASTag
b) MyFASTag and FASTag Partner
c) FASTag Partner and MyRFID App
d) MyRFID App and My Toll App

 Union Cabinet approved creation of Madhyamik and Uchchtar Shiksha Kosh (MUSK) recently. Its administration and maintenance will be carried by which Union Ministry?
a) Ministry of Finance
b) Ministry of MSME
c) Ministry of Women and child Development
d) Ministry of Human Resource Development

1. (d) Pahlaj Nihalani
2. (b) Kerala
3. (d) Nikolay Kudashev
4. (a) Department of Investment and Public Asset Management
5. (a) Sanjiv Gupta
6. (d) Sohail Mahmood
7. (a) Sweden
8. (a) Johannesburg
9. (b) Lakshya Sen
10. (c) Himachal Pradesh
11. (c) Paradip
12. (a) Navika Sagar Parikrama
13. (b) Harit Diwali Swasth Diwali
14. (b) MyFASTag and FASTag Partner
15. (d) Ministry of Human Resource Development

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