Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 2 August 2017

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1. Punjab government has decided to appoint which cricketer as DSP with the state’s police?
a) Mithali Raj
b) Veda Krishnamurthy
c) Smriti Mandhana
d) Harmanpreet Kaur

2. EC rejected plea by parties to remove the NOTA option from the upcoming Rajya Sabha polls in which state?
a) Maharashtra
b) Gujarat
c) Bihar
d) Uttar Pradesh

3. The MAHSR project has been sanctioned for implementation with technical and financial assistance from which country?
a) Russia
b) France
c) Japan
d) Germany

4. The Aadi Perukku festival is celebrated in which Indian state?
a) Kerala
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Karnataka
d) Andhra Pradesh

5. The WCD Ministry has launched a contest for designing the logo for ‘Women of India Festival’. The festival is scheduled to be held in which city?
a) Mumbai
b) Bangalore
c) New Delhi
d) Cochin

6. Name the mobile application that was developed by the Indian Army to enable serving soldiers to track details like postings, promotions, and monthly payslips as well as form 16.
a) Upkaran
b) Humraaz
c) Humvatan
d) On Duty

7. Scientists have developed a technique to edit embryos of a piece of faulty DNA that causes heart disease in families. Name the technique.
b) Angioplasty
d) None of the above

8. Reports suggest that the Union Cabinet in August 2017 cleared a proposal that amends electoral laws to extend proxy voting rights to whom of the following?
a) Defence Personnel
b) Overseas Indians/NRIs
c) Sportsmen/women who are playing outside the country
d) None of the above

9. Name the institution/organization that in its report has said that India is more attractive to FDIs as compared to other emerging markets.
b) Nomura
c) World Bank
d) Moody’s

10. Reports suggest that the Trump administration is planning to prepare trade case against a country. Name it.
a) North Korea
b) Russia
c) India
d) China

11. Who will head the Committee constituted to study and identify key data protection issues and recommend methods for addressing them?
a) Justice BN Srikrishna
b) Justice SH Kapadia
c) Justice Arijit Pasayat
d) Justice RM Lodha

12. Whose name was confirmed by the US Senate to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)?
a) James Comey
b) Christopher Wray
c) Ben Sasse
d) Andrew McCabe

13. Who was appointed as the Chief of the Indian Army’s Eastern Command?
a) Lt General Pawan Tomar
b) Lt General Ajay Rajput
c) Lt General Abhay Krishna
d) Lt General Ankush Iyer

14. Name the Hindustani classical vocalist and one of the leading exponents of Dhrupad tradition who died recently.
a) Ustad Hussainuddin Khan Dagar
b) Ustad Nafeesuddin Dagar
c) Ustad Aneesuddin Dagar
d) Ustad Hussain Sayeeduddin Dagar

15. Who was appointed as the Secretary General of industry chamber FICCI?
a) Sanjay Baru
b) Vineet Taneja
c) A Dildar Singh
d) Hasmukh Adia

1. (d) Harmanpreet Kaur
2. (b) Gujarat
3. (c) Japan
4. (b) Tamil Nadu
5. (c) New Delhi
6. (b) Humraaz
7. (a) CRISPR
8. (b) Overseas Indians/NRIs
9. (b) Nomura
10. (d) China
11. (a) Justice BN Srikrishna
12. (b) Christopher Wray
13. (c) Lt General Abhay Krishna
14. (d) Ustad Hussain Sayeeduddin Dagar
15. (a) Sanjay Baru