Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 22 June 2017

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1. Which state has become the first state to provide electricity to every home?

a)      Maharashtra

b)      Kerala

c)      Telangana

d)      Tamil Nadu

2. A Union Ministry department has launched a web portal to ensure smooth GST implementation in which sector of the economy?

a)      Information Technology and Electronics

b)      Trade and Agriculture

c)      Food and Beverage

d)      Manufacturing and Construction

3. Which country has unveiled the world’s first railless train that runs on a virtual track?

a)      Russia

b)      China

c)      Japan

d)      Germany

4. According to the latest report by UN DESA – the World Population Prospects: The 2017- which country is forecasted to be the most populous country post 2024?

a)      India

b)      China

c)      Nigeria

d)      The United States of America

5. Who is set to become the next US Ambassador to India?

a)      Kenneth I Juster

b)      Richard Verma

c)      Ashley Tellis

d)      Stanley Tess

6. Name the father of India’s Nuclear Fusion who died recently.

a)      CNR Rao

b)      Predhiman Krishan Kaw

c)      Jayant Narlikar

d)      Roddam Narasimha

7. Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute was selected as first recipient of the Prime Minister’s Yoga Award. Where is the institute located?

a)      New Delhi

b)      Haridwar

c)      Pune

d)      Ernakulam

8. India signed an agreement to promote cooperation in the field of archives with which country?

a)      Germany

b)      United Kingdom

c)      The Netherlands

d)      Portugal

9. Which of the following Indian anti-hunger activist is chosen for the prestigious Queen’s Young Leaders Award?

a)      Zehra Ali Yavar Jung

b)      Avinash Pol

c)      Sivananda Rajaram

d)      Ankit Kawatra

10.  The ONGC and the UNESCO recently carried out a preliminary survey for the conservation of which of the following lakes?

a)      Loktal Lake

b)      Dal Lake

c)      Chilika Lake

d)      Wular Lake

11.  Who of the following was appointed the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office?

a)      Hisashi Owada

b)      Vladimir Ivanovich Voronkov

c)      Frederick Musiiwa Makamure Shava

d)      Alexis Lamek France

12.  Name the Italian fashion legend who passed away recently.

a)      Carla Fendi

b)      Donatelle Versace

c)      Jacob Pucci

d)      None of the above

13.  Name the country with which India on 21 June 2017 identified the key areas of cooperation in the Science and Technology sector.

a)      Russia

b)      China

c)      The US

d)      Brazil

14.  Name the Mosque on Mosul that was blown up by a group of Islamic State in Iraq.

a)      al-Nuri Mosque

b)      Imam Ali Mosque

c)      Al-Kadhimiya Mosque

d)      Al-Askari Shrine

15.  Name the rocket that will carry India’s Cartost-2 Series satellite and 30 other co-passenger payloads, has begun on 22 June 2017 morning at 5.29 hours.

a)      PSLV 37D

b)      PSLV C38

c)      PSLV-CA29

d)      IRS-1E



1. (b) Kerala

2. (a) Information Technology and Electronics

3. (b) China

4. (a) India

5. (a) Kenneth I Juster

6. (b) Predhiman Krishan Kaw

7. (c) Pune

8. (d) Portugal

9. (d) Ankit Kawatra

10. (c) Chilika Lake

11. (b) Vladimir Ivanovich Voronkov

12. (a) Carla Fendi

13. (a) Russia

14. (a) al-Nuri Mosque

15. (b) PSLV C38