Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 25 July 2017

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1. In which country the world’s oldest emoji was discovered on a 3700-year-old jug?
a)    Turkey
b)    Greece
c)    Nigeria
d)    Italy

2. The Union Government recently launched which of the following mobile apps for maintenance of rural roads?
a)    Aarambh
b)    Habit
c)    Rural-Kavach
d)    Garv Grameen

3. A Delhi-based start-up has launched an app to assist people with disabilities to find accessible places. What is the app called?
a)    BillionAbles
b)    Be My Eyes
c)    Virtual Voice
d)    Travel Buddy

4. The Indian contingent finished at which position in the Youth Commonwealth Games 2017?
a)    10th
b)    7th
c)    8th
d)    5th

5. India won maximum gold medals in which category at the 6th Youth Commonwealth Games, held at the Bahamas?
a)    Judo
b)    Badminton
c)    Boxing
d)    Tennis

6. Which country won the maximum number of medals in the Youth Commonwealth Games 2017?
a)    Australia
b)    India
c)    England
d)    New Zealand

7. Renowned Indian scientist and academic Professor Yash Pal passed away on 24 July 2017 at the age of 90. Which is the highest civilian award received by him?
a)    Padma Vibhushan
b)    Padma Bhushan
c)    Padma Shri
d)    Bharat Ratna

8. Which union ministry launched an online complaint system sexual harassment e-box at workplace?
a)    Union Ministry of Women and Child Development
b)    Union Ministry of Home Affairs
c)    Union Ministry of Science and Technology
d)    Union Ministry of Law and Justice

9. Which oil company will operate India’s first petroleum R&D facility for testing high-end BS-VI quality fuel emissions?
a)    Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd
b)    Indian Oil Corporation
c)    Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
d)    Reliance Industries Ltd

10. Who was appointed as Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)?
a)    Vinay Mohan Kwatra
b)    Vikas Swarup
c)    Raveesh Kumar
d)    Gopal Baglay

11. Which state government announced to set up Vegetable Price Stability Fund?
a)    Maharashtra
b)    Punjab
c)    Uttar Pradesh
d)    Haryana

12. Which two countries signed an accord to boost military cooperation recently?
a)    Afghanistan and Iraq
b)    Iraq and Iran
c)    Iran and Syria
d)    Syria and Palestine

13. Who won the 2017 US Open Grand Prix Gold badminton title?
a)    Parupalli Kashyap
b)    HS Prannoy
c)    Lee Chong Wei
d)    Nguyen Tien Minh

14. The United Nations recently selected which of the following cities as the Local Data Hub for Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region?
a)    Dubai
b)    Cairo
c)    Colombo
d)    Doha

15. Al Aqsa Mosque, which is in news these days, is situated in which of the following cities?
a)    Tel Aviv
b)    Haifa
c)    Nazareth
d)    Old City of Jerusalem


1. (a) Turkey
2. (a) Aarambh
3. (a) BillionAbles
4. (b) 7th
5. (d) Tennis
6. (c) England
7. (a) Padma Vibhushan
8. (a) Union Ministry of Women and Child Development
9. (b) Indian Oil Corporation
10. (c) Raveesh Kumar
11. (d) Haryana
12. (b) Iraq and Iran
13. (b) HS Prannoy
14. (a) Dubai
15. (d) Old City of Jerusalem