Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 29 July 2017

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1. Who of the following will succeed Nawaz Sharif as the Prime Minister of Pakistan after his resignation from the post?
a)    Shehbaz Sharif
b)    Hamaz Shehbaz Sharif
c)    Rana Sanaullah
d)    None of the above

2. Who of the following was recently conferred the Mohun Bagan Ratna 2017?
a)    Climax Lawrence
b)    Goshtha Pal
c)    Subrata Bhattacharya
d)    Sunil Chhetri

3. The 2017 International Tiger Day was celebrated with which of the following slogans?
a)    Fresh Ecology For Tigers’ Protection
b)    Total Awareness
c)    Together for Big Cat’s Protection
d)    None of the above

4. What is the theme of the 2017 United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons?
a)    Prevention
b)    I Give Hope
c)    Act to Protect and Assist Trafficked Persons
d)    None of the above

5. Name the former Union Minister who was recently conferred with the Japan’s imperial decoration Order of the Rising Sun award for his/her contribution to fostering Japan-India ties.
a)    Sujan Chinoy
b)    P Chidambaram
c)    Pallam Raju
d)    Ashwani Kumar

6. India’s first bullet train project MAHSR will be build with the help of which of the following countries?
a)    Russia
b)    Germany
c)    Japan
d)    Israel

7. Which of the following countries successfully test-fired satellite-launch rocket named Simorgh?
a)    Iran
b)    Pakistan
c)    Israel
d)    Myanmar

8. Which of the following metros will soon bring India’s first ever mobile ticketing system?
a)    Lucknow Metro
b)    Delhi Metro
c)    Namma Metro
d)    Mumbai Metro

9. Name the Indian wrestler who recently won the Bronze medal in Asian Youth & Junior Weightlifting Championships held in Kathmandu, Nepal.
a)    Ambika Charan Guha
b)    Vijay Chaudhary
c)    Ajay Singh
d)    Sushil Kumar

10. Who of the following was recently appointed by the US President Donald Trump as the White House Chief of Staff?
a)    Reince Priebus
b)    Elaine Duke
c)    John Kelly
d)    Sarah Sanders

11. Which of the following banks acquired Snapdeal-owned mobile wallet FreeCharge?
a)    Axis Bank
b)    Kotak Mahindra Bank
c)    Yes Bank
d)    ICICI Bank

12. Where was the fifth meeting of BRICS Heads of Tax Authorities held?
a)    Sochi, Russia
b)    Chongqing, China
c)    New Delhi, India
d)    Cape Town, South Africa

13. As per a recent FAO report, which of the following countries is the world’s top beef exporter for the year 2016?
a)    Australia
b)    India
c)    Brazil
d)    Pakistan

14. India ranks on which spot when it comes to export of beef, as per a recent FAO report?
a)    Second
b)    Third
c)    Fourth
d)    Seventh

15. As per a report of Food and Agriculture Organisation and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation, India is expected to become the world’s biggest milk producer by which year?
a)    2026
b)    2027
c)    2025
d)    2024


1. (a) Shehbaz Sharif
2. (c) Subrata Bhattacharya
3. (a) Fresh Ecology For Tigers’ Protection
4. (c) Act to Protect and Assist Trafficked Persons
5. (d) Ashwani Kumar
6. (c) Japan
7. (a) Iran
8. (d) Mumbai Metro
9. (c) Ajay Singh
10. (c) John Kelly
11. (a) Axis Bank
12. (b) Chongqing, China
13. (c) Brazil
14. (b) Third
15. (a) 2026