Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 29 June 2017

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1. Name India’s communication satellite that was launched from Kourou in French Guiana on 29 June 2017.
a) CartoSat-2E
b) GSAT-17
c) GSAT-19
d) Pratham

2. The Union Cabinet chaired on 28 June 2017 approved the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) on allowances. Consider the statements in regard to the approval.
I. The 7th CPC recommended that 53 allowances should be abolished but the government decided not to abolish 12 of the 53 allowances.
II. The 7th CPC recommended subsuming 37 allowances but the government decided not to subsume 6 of them.
III. Siachen Allowance in the RH-Max cell of the R&H Matrix was distributed in two slabs of Rs 21000 and Rs 31500
Which of the following statement/s is/are true?
a) Only III
b) Only I and II
c) Only I and III
d) I, II and III

3. The Government has made it mandatory to link existing Aadhaar numbers with Permanent Account Number (PAN) of taxpayers. Consider the statements in relation to government’s decision.
I. The rules will come into force from July 1, 2017.
II. The CBDT has said the linking of Aadhaar and PAN will be a must for filing of income tax returns and obtaining PAN from July 1.
III. Earlier in June 2017, the Supreme Court had upheld the validity of an I-T Act provision making Aadhaar mandatory for allotment of PAN cards and ITR filing, but had put a partial stay on its implementation till a Constitution bench addressed the issue of right to privacy.

Which of the following statement/s is/are true?
a) Only III
b) Only I and II
c) Only I and III
d) I, II and III

4. Which of the following football league was granted official recognition by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)?
a) Indian Super League
b) Calcutta Football League
c) State League football
d) Youth leagues

5. British High Commissioner Sir Dominic Asquith on 28 June 2017 called on Chief Minister of a state to discuss about the British companies which are keen to investing in Amaravathi City. Name the state.
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Telangana
d) Karnataka

6. For which state’s public financial institutional reforms projects,  India signed a USD 35 million loan agreement with the World Bank?
a) Assam
b) Uttarakhand
c) Arunachal Pradesh
d) Himachal Pradesh

7. Who was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Governors  of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)?
a) Chetan Sharma
b) Rajesh V Shah
c) Krishna R Urs
d) Manish Malhotra

8. Which two food items from India were added to Oxford English Dictionary in its quarterly update?
a) Arhar and Tur Dal
b) Masoor and Urad Dal
c) Chana and Chana Dal
d) Masoor and Moong Dal

9. Which company got the environment clearance for exploratory drilling in the Krishna-Godavari (KG) basin?
a) Indian Oil Corporation
b) Reliance Industries Ltd
c) Adani Gas
d) Oil and Natural Gas Corp

10. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently released the coin and postal stamp in the honour of Shrimad Rajchandraji on his 150th birth anniversary. Shrimad Rajchandra was the guru to which of the following personalities?
a) Rash Behari Bose
b) Subhash Chandra Bose
c) Lala Lajpat Rai
d) Mahatma Gandhi

11. The Union Cabinet recently approved the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with which of the following countries for National Campaign for Water Conservation in India?
a) Canada
b) Japan
c) Israel
d) South Korea

12. The Union Government recently launched two key interventions for the first major oil field auctions to be held under a new Hydrocarbon Exploration Licensing Policy. What are these two key interventions?
a) Open Acreage Licensing Process (OALP) and National Data Depot (NDD)
b) Open Acreage Licensing Process (OALP) and National Data Repository (NDR)
c) National Data Depot (NDD) and Open Acreage Licensing Procedure (OALP)
d) National Data Repository (NDR) and Open Acreage Licensing System (OALS)

 The Election Commission of India collaborated with which of the Social Media channel to launch a special drive to enrol left out electors?
a) Facebook
b) Twitter
c) Instagram
d) Snapchat

14. Which city has been crowned the ‘World Book Capital’ for 2019 by UNESCO?
a) Athens
b) Sharjah
c) Madrid
d) Conakry

15. Dr. Manoj Soni, who has taken oath as member of UPSC, served previously as the Vice Chancellor of which public institution?
a) Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University
b) Delhi University
c) Jamia Millia Islamia
d) Jawaharlal Nehru University
1. (b) GSAT-17
2. (c) Only I and III
3. (d) I, II and III
4. (a) Indian Super League
5. (a) Andhra Pradesh
6. (a) Assam
7. (b) Rajesh V Shah
8. (c) Chana and Chana Dal
9. (d) Oil and Natural Gas Corp
10. (d) Mahatma Gandhi
11. (c) Israel
12. (b) Open Acreage Licensing Process (OALP) and National Data Repository (NDR)
13. (a) Facebook
14. (b) Sharjah
15. (a) Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University