Daily Current Affairs Quiz : 30 June 2017

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1. According to a data published by Switzerland’s central banking authority Swiss National Bank money parked in Swiss banks by Indians has nearly halved to what amount in 2016?
a) About Rs 3000 crore
b) About Rs 4500 crore
c) About Rs 6000 crore
d) About Rs 8300 crore

2. Who of the following will succeed Nasim Zaidi as the new Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India?
a) Sukumar Sen
b) SY Quraishi
c) Achal Kumar Jyoti
d) OP Rawat

3. A group of archaeologists recently discovered unprecedented carved skulls at a Stone Age temple, called Göbekli Tepe. The temple is located in which of the following countries?
a) Russia
b) Romania
c) Greece
d) Turkey

4. Arnav Sharma, an 11-year-old Indian-origin boy in the United Kingdom, secured the top possible score, more than Einstein and Hawking, on a Mensa IQ test. How much has he secured?
a) 160
b) 154
c) 162
d) 150

5. As per a new policy paper titled ‘Reducing global poverty through universal primary and secondary education,’ the world poverty could be cut in half if all adults completed secondary education. The paper was released by which of the following entities?
a) International Labour Organization
b) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
c) United Nations Industrial Development Organization
d) World Bank

6. Union Government recently launched National Biopharma Mission.  How much loan does the World Bank provide for the Mission?
a) USD 125 million
b) USD 120 million
c) USD 115 million
d) USD 110 million

7. With which country did India sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on National Campaign for Water Conservation in India?
a) Portugal
b) Israel
c) The Netherlands
d) Spain

8. The Trump administration has set new criteria for visa applicants from six major Muslim nations and refugees. Which of the following countries is not one among them?
a) Syria
b) Yemen
c) Iraq
d) Somalia

9. Louis Nicollin, the founding father and President of football club Montpellier passed away on his 74th birthday. Which country does he belong to?
a) France
b) Spain
c) Italy
d) Portugal

10. Which country is hosting the upcoming 12th G20 Summit from 7-8 July 2017?
a) Russia
b) France
c) China
d) Germany

11. What was the theme of 11th National Statistics Day?
a) Statistics for Development
b) Administrative Statistics
c) Statistics for Governance
d) Statistics towards Human Well-Being

12. UNSC adopted a resolution for reducing joint UN-AU peacekeeping force in Darfur region recently. Where is Darfur located?
a) Ethiopia
b) Eritrea
c) Sudan
d) Nigeria

13. According to a new study, which climatic factor is going to lead to displacement of about two billion people by 2100?
a) Earthquake
b) Desertification
c) Rise in ocean level
d) Incessant Rainfall

14. Which two countries initiated their biggest ever joint military exercise on 29 June 2017?
a) US and UK
b) Australia and US
c) US and Japan
d) Japan and South Korea

15. The Union Government launched ECBC 2017 for new commercial buildings. What is the abbreviation of ECBC?
a) Energy Conservation Building Code
b) Energy Control Building Code
c) Energy Concentration Building Code
d) Energy Connection Building Code
1. (b) Rs 4500 crores
2. (c) Achal Kumar Jyoti
3. (d) Turkey
4. (c) 162
5. (b) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
6. (a) USD 125 million
7. (b) Israel
8. (c) Iraq
9. (a) France
10. (d) Germany
11. (b) Administrative Statistics
12. (c) Sudan
13. (b) Rise in ocean level
14. (b) Australia and US
15. (a) Energy Conservation Building Code