Daily Current Affairs with Quiz : 4 August 2017

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Maharashtra Government launches two online portals MahaDBT, MahaVASTU

  • Maharashtra Government launched two online portals MahaDBT and MahaVASTU to streamline the process of direct benefit transfer (DBT).
  • It is the first state in the country to launch such a system that will provide direct benefits with Aadhaar authentication.
  • MahaDBT portal: It is an Aadhaar-authenticated electronic mechanism that will enable direct transfer of benefits for over 40 schemes currently implemented.
  • MahaVASTU portal: It is an online building permission management system, through which construction approvals will be sanctioned with full transparency.


Lok Sabha passes bill to raise Nabard’s capital to Rs 30000 crore

  • A bill to enable exit of RBI from Nabard and increase authorised capital of the development institution six times to Rs 30,000 crore was passed by the Lok Sabha
  • The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Amendment) Bill, 2017 also seeks to amend certain clauses in the light of reference of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Development Act, 2006 in the proposed legislation.
  • Minister of State for Finance Santosh Kumar Gangwar said that the law is one of the “major step” towards doubling farmers’ income by 2022.
  • This is a small bill but irrespective of that, 28 members put their views on this legislation, which reflects the interest of members’s on agriculture related issues


Lok Sabha passes Banking Regulation Bill 2017

  • The Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill 2017 was passed by the lower house of the parliament.
  • It will replace the Non-Performing Assets Ordinance, which came into effect earlier this year.
  • Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, on Monday, had introduced a bill in Lok Sabha to amend the Banking Regulation Act 1949. The measure allows the RBI to initiate insolvency resolution process on specific stressed-assets.
  • The RBI would also be empowered to issue other directions for resolution, appoint or approve for appointment, authorities or committees to advise the banking companies for stressed-asset resolution.
  • The non-performing assets of banks have increased to more than Rs 9 lakh crore and now RBI is empowered to refer the cases to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board. In June, RBI had identified 12 large loan defaulters who account for 25% of the total bad loans in the Indian banking system.


International Events


US issues ban on tourist travel to North Korea

  • The United States issued a ban prohibiting its citizens traveling to North Korea, a move triggered by the death of a US student imprisoned by Pyongyang during a tourist visit.
  • The ban, which comes into effect September 1, was introduced after officials said the “serious risk” of arrest by Pyongyang officials during tourist travel presented an “imminent danger to the physical safety” of its citizens.
  • “All United States passports are declared invalid for travel to, in, or through the DPRK unless specially validated for such travel,”


Iran’s Hassan Rouhani sworn in for second term

  • Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani vowed to continue his efforts to end the country’s isolation as he was sworn in for a second term on Thursday by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei.
  • However, his inauguration came less than 24 hours after fresh sanctions were imposed by US President Donald Trump, who has threatened to tear up the nuclear deal entirely.
  • Rouhani, a 68-year-old moderate who has faced fierce criticism from conservatives for his efforts to rebuild ties with the West, issued a call for unity.


Qatar to approve permanent residency for some expats

  • Qatar plans to allow some expatriates to obtain permanent residency
  • A draft law approved at a cabinet meeting will allow permanent residence to the children of Qatari women married to non-Qataris, as well as expatriates who provide outstanding services to Qatar
  • Gulf Arab countries have a high number of expatriate workers but do not allow naturalisation of foreigners, except in rare cases.


Current Affairs Quiz : 4 August 2017

1. ‘Aadi Perukku’ festival is celebrated in
a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Odisha
d. Karnataka

2. Name Maharashtra’s online building permission management system, through which construction approvals will be sanctioned with full transparency.
a. MahaVASTU
b. MahaDBT
c. MahaGriha

3. Hassan Rouhani is the president of
a. Iraq
b. Egypt
c. Iran
d. Afghanistan

4. Which of the following firms does not have the approval of Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) for FDI in food retail?
a. Grofers
b. Amazon
c. BigBasket
d. None of the above

5. Telenor India has been merged into
a. Idea
b. Bharti Airtel
c. Vodafone
d. Reliance

6. Prestigious title of 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year has been conferred to
a. Francisco Tapiro Velasco
b. Sergio Tapiro Velasco
c. Alejandro Tapiro Velasco
d. Miguel Tapiro Velasco

7. The first Israeli satellite which been dubbed as VENUS. Here VENUS stands for
a. Vegetation and Environmental monitoring on a New (µ) Micro-Satellite.
b. Vegetate and Environmental monitoring on a New (µ) Micro-Satellite.
c. Vegetational and Environmental monitoring on a New (µ) Micro-Satellite.
d. Vegetation and Environment monitoring on a New (µ) Micro-Satellite.


1. b. Tamil Nadu
2. a. MahaVASTU
3. c. Iran
4. d. None of the above
5. b. Bharti Airtel
6. b. Sergio Tapiro Velasco
7. d. Vegetation and Environment monitoring on a New (µ) Micro-Satellite.