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The written exam conducted by Ericsson for selection is moderate. Ericsson Test Pattern latest includes the written test which has three sections Quant, Verbal Ability, and Logical Reasoning.

About ELGI

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ELGI is today, the market leader and Asia’s largest manufacturer of air compressors and automobile service station equipment.

ELGI’s products are used in a wide range of applications in areas ranging from mining, transport, pharmaceuticals, power, oil, railways, chemicals, textiles, printing to ship building, paper, electronics, telecommunications, medical, food & beverages and plastics.

In fact, starting from the paint on your wall to the car you drive, from the medicines you take to the leather bag you carry, ELGI’s products have been used either in their production, maintenance or usage.


Elgi was established in 1960 as a service station equipment and reciprocating compressor manufacturing company. Over the years ELGI has become a multi-product, multi-market company manufacturing technically superior products.The ELGI product lines today, broadly comprise, Rotary Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors Centrifugal Compressors, Automotive Equipment, Diesel Engines and Manufacturing and engineering services.


ELGI has two manufacturing locations in Coimbatore, India, with 22 acres of land and 352,000 sq ft of built up factory area.

With a vast network of sales & service outlets manned by well-trained, highly qualified and motivated engineers and marketers, ELGI aims to conquer the domestic market and be a meaningful global player in its core products.ELGI endeavors to continuously improve processes, products and technology, with the objective of serving people better.This in turn has made ELGI the undisputed leader in the products it manufactures with a strong reputation for quality and service.

Social Responsibility

ELGI Equipments continues founder Mr. LRG Naidu’s legacy of giving back to the community.

ELGI’s commitment to contribute substantially to the community has led to the undertaking of projects in the fields of education, vocational training, community health and advancement. This is accomplished through the dedicated activities of the following trusts established by the ELGI family members:


The Elgi Public Welfare Trust
The Ellargi Trust
The Silver Jubilee Trust
The LRG Naidu Educational Trust
Sri Ramaswamy Naidu Vidyalayam

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