Indian Economy – Quiz 1

1. Which of the following is NOT called fibre crop?

(a) Jute

(b) Cotton

(c) Mesta

(d) Tobacco

2. SEBI is a

(a) Statutory body

(b) Advisory body

(c) Constitutional body

(d) Non-statutory body

3. Which of the following is known as narrow money?

(a) M1

(b) M2

(c) M3

(d) M4

4. Who is the Chairman of NDC?

(a) Finance Minister

(b) Prime Minister

(c) Planning Minister

(d) Lok Sabha Speaker

5. The base year of present Consumer Price Index (CPI) for industrial labourers is

(a) 1980

(b) 1981

(c) 1991

(d) 2011-12

6. Note issuing department of RBI should always possess the minimum gold stock of worth:

(a) Rs. 85 crores

(b) Rs. 115 crores

(c) Rs. 200 crores

(d) None of these

7. Economic Planning is in

(a) Union List

(b) State List

(c) Concurrent List

(d) Not any specified list

8. The main aim of fifth five year plan was

(a) Poverty elimination

(b) Self reliance

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of the above

9. Which of the following is a direct tax?

(a) Sales Tax

(b) Excise Duty

(c) Custom Duty

(d) None of these

10. Which pair is not correct?

(a) I Plan – (1951-56)

(b) III Plan – (1966-71)

(c) VI Plan – (1980-85)

(d) X Plan- (2002-2007)


1 d
2 a
3 a
4 b
5 d
6 b
7 c
8 c
9 d
10 b