Indian Railway GK General Awareness Quiz Set 5

Multiple Choices Question based on the Indian railway. Most Important for Railway Exam likes, RRB NTPC, RRC Group D Exam. Indian railway GK question always asked in Railway Jobs.

Indian railway GK  for RRB NTPC/RRC Railway Group D.

Indian Railway GK General Awareness Quiz 5

  1. Which is the following pairs of regional Railways and their headquarters not true?

(A) South-Central Railway – Secunderabad

(B) Central railway – Bhopal

(C) South Railway – Chennai

(D) North Railway – New Delhi

Correct Answer: (B)
  1. Between which of the destinations the first Indian train was started? 

(A) From Calcutta to Delhi

(B) From Mumbai to Thane

(C) From Mumbai to Surat

(D) From Mumbai to Madras

Correct Answer: (B)
  1. When was the first train in Indian started? 

(A) 1851

(B) 1852

(C) 1853

(D) 1854

Correct Answer: (C)
  1. At what time the first train in Indian (and in Asia) flagged off? 

(A) Saturday, 8:50 AM

(B) Sunday, 10:00 AM

(C) Saturday, 03:35 PM

(D) Sunday, 02:30 PM

Correct Answer: (C)
  1. In which Governor-General’s reign railway lines in India were established? 

(A) Lord William Bentick

(B) Lord Cornwallis

(C) Lord Kenning

(D) Lord Dalhousie

Correct Answer: (D)