Inductors Quiz

Multiple Choice Questions on Inductors

1. An inductance of 0.08 H is larger than
A. 0.0000008 H
B. 0.000000008 H
C. 0.000008 H
D. 0.00008 mH
Answer: Option B

2. A 240 H inductor is equivalent to a
A. 0.240 mH inductor
B. 0.000240 mH inductor
C. 240 mH inductor
D. 240 H inductor
Answer: Option A

3. A 2 mH, a 3.3 mH, and a 0.2 mH inductor are connected in series. The total inductance is
A. 55 mH
B. less than 0.2 mH
C. less than 5.5 mH
D. 5.5 mH
Answer: Option D

4. A 5 mH, a 4.3 mH, and a 0.6 mH inductor are connected in parallel. The total inductance is
A. 9.9 mH
B. greater than 5 mH
C. 9.9 mH or greater than 5 mH
D. less than 0.6 mH
Answer: Option D

5. A sine wave voltage is applied across an inductor. When the frequency of the voltage is decreased, the current
A. is increased
B. is decreased
C. does not change
D.momentarily goes to zero
Answer: Option A