Language Processors notes with mcqs

Language Processors

The programs which translate the program written in a programming language by the user into an executable program is known as language processors. The program translated by language processor is understood by the hardware of the computer. Examples of language processor are assemblers, compilers and interpreters.

Compilers: A compiler is a program which translates a program written in a high level language into machine language program that can be understood by the computer. Generally, compilers are large programs that occupy a large memory space.

Assemblers: A program that translates an assembled language program into a machine language is called assemblers.

Interpreter: Interpreter is a program which translates the statement of’ a high level language into machine codes. It translates one statement at a time. lt seems to be similar to a compiler, but a compiler reads the entire program first and then translates it into machine codes. Hence, assemblers, compilers and interpreter all of them are computer programs.