Ohm’s Law Mcqs

Q1. If 750 µA is flowing through 11 k ohms  of resistance, what is the voltage drop across the resistor?
A.8.25 V
B.82.5 V
C.14.6 V
D.146 V
Answer: Option A

Q2. The formula to find I when the values of V and R are known is
A.I = VR
B.I = R/V
C.V = IR
D.I = V/R
Answer: Option D

Q3. A resistor is connected across a 50 V source. What is the current in the resistor if the color code is red, orange, orange, silver?
A.2 mA
B.2.2 mA
C.214 mA
D.21.4 mA
Answer: Option B

Q4. Approximately how many milliamperes of current flow through a circuit with a 40 V source and 6.8 k Ohms of resistance?
A. 27.2 mA
B.59 mA
C.5.9 mA
D.590 mA

Answer: Option C
Q5. How much resistance is required to limit the current from a 12 V battery to 3.6 mA?
A.3.3 k Ohms
B.33 k Ohms
C.2.2 k Ohms
D.22 k Ohms
Answer: Option A

Q6. What is the voltage source for a circuit carrying 2 A of current through a 36 Ohms resistor?
A.1.8 V
B.18 V
C.7.2 V
D.72 V
Answer: Option D

Q7. What is the approximate resistance setting of a rheostat in which 650 mA of current flows with a 150 V source?
A.9.7 Ohms
B.97 Ohms
C.23 Ohms
D.230 Ohms
Answer: Option D

Q8. How much voltage is needed to produce 2.5 A of current through a 200 Ohms resistor?
A.50 V
B.500 V
C.80 V
D.8 V
Answer: Option B

Q9. When there is 12 mA of current through a 1.2 k Ohms resistor, the voltage across the resistor is
A.14.4 V
B.1.4 V
C.100 V
D.10 V
Answer: Option A

Q10. A resistance of 3.3 M Ohms  is connected across a 500 V source. The resulting current is approximately
A.15.1 µA
B.151 µA
C.66 mA
D.660 mA
Answer: Option B

Q11. You are measuring the current in a circuit that is operated on an 18 V battery. The ammeter reads 40 mA. Later you notice the current has dropped to 20 mA. How much has the voltage changed?
A.9 V
B.900 mV
C.0 V
D.18 V
Answer: Option A

Q12. The current through a flashlight bulb is 40 mA and the total battery voltage is 4.5 V. The resistance of the bulb is approximately
A.112 Ohms
B.11.2 Ohms
C.1.2 Ohms
D.18 Ohms
Answer: Option A

Q13. If 24 V are applied across a resistor and there are 10.9 mA of current, the resistance is
A.220 k Ohms
B.22 k Ohms
C.2.2 k Ohms
D.260 k Ohms
Answer: Option C