RC Circuits Quiz

Multiple Choice question answer on RC Circuits Quiz

An RC circuit is a resistor-capacitor circuit (also known as an RC filter or an RC network). The RC circuit shall be specified as an electrical circuit made up of resistor (R) and condenser (C) passive circuit components powered by a voltage source or current source.

Very Important Question quiz on RC Circuits

1. In a 20 Vac series RC circuit, if 20 V is read across the resistor and 40 V is measured across the capacitor, the applied voltage is
A. 45 Vac
B. 50 Vac
C. 60 Vac
D. 65 Vac
Answer: Option A

2.Which of the following is the reference vector for parallel RC circuits?
A. R
B. V
C. I
Answer: Option B

3. Power that is measured in volt-amperes is called
A. impedance power
B. reactive power
C. true power
D. apparent power
Answer: Option D

4. What is the phase angle for a parallel circuit consisting of a 500 kHz, 5 Vac source with a 47 pF capacitor, and a 4.7 kΩ resistor in parallel?
A. 55.3°
B. –55.3°
C. 34.8°
D. –34.8°
Answer: Option C