RLC Circuits and Resonance Quiz

Multiple Choice Question On RLC Circuits and Resonance

Q1. What is the applied voltage for a series RLC circuit when IT = 3 mA, VL = 30 V, VC = 18 V, and R = 1000 ohms?
A. 3.00 V
B. 12.37 V
C. 34.98 V
D. 48.00 V
Answer: Option B

Q.2 What is the bandwidth of the circuit?

A. 31.8 Hz
B. 32.3 Hz
C. 142 Hz
D. 7.2 kHz
Answer: Option A

Q. 3 In a parallel RLC circuit, which value may always be used as a vector reference?
A. current
B. reactance
C. resistance
D. voltage
Answer: Option D

Q 4. How much current will flow in a 100 Hz series RLC circuit if VS = 20 V, RT = 66 ohms, and XT = 47 ohms?
A. 1.05 A
B. 303 mA
C. 247 mA
D. 107 mA
Answer: Option C

Q.5 What is the Q (Quality factor) of a series circuit that resonates at 6 kHz, has equal reactance of 4 kilo-ohms each, and a resistor value of 50 ohms?
A. 0.001
B. 50
C. 80
D. 4.0

Q.6 What is the range between f1 and f2 of an RLC circuit that resonates at 150 kHz and has a Q of 30?
A. 100.0 kHz to 155.0 kHz
B. 147.5 kHz to 152.5 kHz
C. 4500 kHz to 295.5 kHz
D. 149,970 Hz to 150,030 Hz
Answer: Option B

Q.7  What is the quality factor?

A. 999
B. 223
C. 2.2
D. 0.99
Answer: Option C

Q.8 What effect will a parallel tank have upon final filter current?
A. very little
B. The bandpass frequencies will change.
C. The frequency cutoff will change.
D. The impedance will block output.
Answer: Option A