Series Circuits Mcqs

Q1. One of the most common applications of a potentiometer is as an adjustable voltage divider, also known as
A.voltage control
B.current control
C.volume control
D.divider control
Answer: Option C

Q2. If the resistance total in a series circuit doubles, current will: the same doubled
C.reduce source voltage halved
Answer: Option D

Q3. Power is defined as:
A.the rate at which work is done
C.the conversion of energy
Answer: Option A

Q4. With a total resistance of 3300 ohms and a 45 V source, if R3 is 1200 ohms, what will be its voltage drop?
A.16.36 V
B.32.72 V
C.10.90 V
D.15.00 V
Answer: Option A

Q5. The ______ determines whether connected resistors are in series, parallel, or series-parallel?
A.current flow
B.power source
C.voltage flow
D.wattage source
Answer: Option A

Q6. The polarity on the side of the resistor where current enters is ______. The polarity on the side of the resistor where current exits is ___________.
A.positive, positive
B.negative, negative
C.negative, positive
D.positive, negative
Answer: Option C

Q7. A voltage divider is always a _____
A.series-parallel circuit
B.series circuit
C.parallel circuit
D.bridge circuit
Answer: Option B

Q8. –1.2 V, +15 V, and –6 V batteries are connected in series. The magnitude of total voltage is _________.
A.7.8 V
B.10.2 V
C.22.2 V
D.1.3 V
Answer: Option A

Q9. Kirchhoff’s voltage law states that:
A.the sum of the voltage drops in a series circuit is equal to the total applied voltage
B.the algebraic sum of the resistances is equal to the sum of the voltages
C.the algebraic sum of the individual currents around a closed loop is zero
D.the voltages developed across each element in a series circuit are identical
Answer: Option A

Q10. If series current doubles, then:
A.resistance is halved
B.voltage is doubled
C.voltage is reduced
D.resistance is doubled
Answer: Option A

Q11. A short circuit has:
A.too much resistance conductance resistance
D.low current
Answer: Option C

Q12. If three resistors of 1.5 kilohms, 470 ohms, and 3300 ohms are in series with a 25-volt source, what is the total circuit current?
A.210 mA
B.5.2 mA
C.4.7 mA
D..007 A
Answer: Option C

Q13. Given a series circuit containing resistors of different values, which statement is not true?
A.The current through each resistor is the same.
B.The sum of the voltage drops across each resistive element will be equal.
C.The total resistance is the sum of the value of the resistors.
D.The voltage drop across each resistor is the same.
Answer: Option D

Q14. With 20 V applied, an 8-ohm resistor is in series with a lamp. When the lamp is removed, what voltage will be read across the lamp socket?
A.0 V
B.8 V
C.12 V
D.20 V
Answer: Option D