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Soliton Incorporated leverages 25 years of experience in software development, systems, and networking technologies to meet the requirements of their customers. Soliton provides Enterprise Software Solutions for customers based upon the I.P.Sharp APL environment.

Soliton’s flexible service offerings have been created with our customers’ success – and convenience – in mind. Soliton continuously improves its products to ensure they remain relevant to the industry’s needs and requirements. Periodically, new versions are provided to customers under Soliton’s standard support services with no need for additional upgrade fees. New versions are always upwardly compatible and focus on enhanced reliability, functionality and performance.

Our customers attest to our responsive on-call services, as our support team ensures that all reported problems are addressed at their root-cause and in a timely manner. Soliton’s Technical Support Team can be accessed via telephone and e-mail.


Soliton has a core purpose – to build a world-class global company with a reputation for Integrity and Excellence. These are our core values.

As a company we are making commitments every day – to our customers, our people, our partners, our suppliers, and our investors. Integrity is being true in our communication to each and every one and then meeting these commitments. The trust that this creates for Soliton is, and will continue to be, the foundation of our success.


Excellence inspires! An environment of excellence inspires us to do our very best every time. The resulting recognition inspires us to do even better the next time. This positive cycle is what we actively work to create and enhance in Soliton. Our aim is to inspire each of us at Soliton to produce work that ultimately delights us and every one of our customers.

In order to enhance our culture, we are always looking to bring in people who will lead the company towards higher standards of integrity and excellence. People who share these values feel inspired to work in Soliton and they in turn attract customers who place a high value on integrity and excellence. In fact the entire eco-system of customers, partners, suppliers, and investors, that we gravitate towards is one that shares these values. It is our endeavor to set an outstanding example that will inspire those who interact with us and we are always looking for opportunities to work with people who will inspire us further.

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