Write the name of hardware and software of your mobile phone

Mobile Phone hardware consists of mobile devices or device components that receive or access mobility services.

Mobile software is the actual application that runs on mobile devices. It is concerned with the features and requirements of mobile apps.


Mobile Hardware Parts Name List


battery is physical component of a mobile phone that provides electricity to device, allowing it to operate without the use of power cord.





  • Antenna: This hardware component of Mobile Phone.
  • SIM card Socket
  • Camera
  • Plug-in Connector
  • Mic
  • Speaker
  • Simcard Connector
  • Mobile circuit board

Mobile Software list

OS Operating System: Android is a mobile operating system.  it’s developed by Google.
Android apps are Software that runs on mobile devices.

Software is Set of a program that runs on the system.

Social Media Mobile Apps:

  • Facebook Apps
  • Pinterest Apps
  • Snapchat Apps
  • Instagram Apps